What It is

AffectEd at UMBC is an on-going, campus-wide initiative to explore strategies for the integration of affective competencies across curricula, research, and programs. Many of us are already doing this integration and recognize the benefits this approach brings to students, faculty, staff, the institution, and our partners beyond the campus, but we do not yet have all the necessary structures in place to fully realize these benefits. AffectEd provides us with a framework to identify, monitor, assess, and recognize the importance of affective competencies in synergy with cognitive competencies. As an element of this initiative, we aim to develop a common language for affective education at UMBC. By creating this common language, we can deepen the impact on all stakeholders and work towards institutionalizing affective competency integration. With this approach, we also can build on existing connections between applied learning, affective learning and development, and student success. We will continue to develop our community of practice to share, learn about, and strengthen this unified campus-wide effort.

Our approach is based on Bloom’s lesser known taxonomy for the Affective Domain, a complement to the more often used cognitive taxonomy.*

*Refer to Resources section for more information